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Concept driven by style and aesthetics is the perfect description of our work that totally benefits a promotional and Media Management Company .


Confidentiality is our core value, Client confidentiality in advertising is increasingly coming under the microscope as consumer confidence melt. So we are dedicated to handle our clients with care.

Who We Are

We offer key transformational services and innovation that brings

Thoughts Unlimited was established in 2007 to address a need in the local and national community for business consulting that not only enhances a company’s marketing/advertising/web development/Film projects, but also assists companies in making a stronger impact through our services. As an advertising agency we specialize in giving shape to your requirements. We strive hard to deliver perfect solutions and products as per the clients need. Backed up by enthusiasm and experience our professionals are always geared to take up any amount of challenge and face it with a smile. We specialize in online & offline advertising , Web Development , Mobile App’s , Ad film making services. Thoughts Unlimited is a dynamic media management company dedicated to high value events and professionally managed enterprise of entertainment. On line & Offline Advertising and Marketing, Photography, web solutions, built by a group of youngsters filled with zeal and passion, destined to transform in to the impeccable. In 2017 We Established A Brand Named Indie birds - A Global fundraising platform for indie artists & non Profits, business entity : Cam Ran Films Private Limited , and brought all our services into under one roof.

Our Focus On

Continually underwhelm visionary models with cross-unit synergy. Uniquely leverage other’s premium convergence before progressive data. Proactively monetize visionary models.

  • Uniquely disseminate economically sound bandwidth
  • Quickly reinvent cross functional infrastructures
  • High standards in niche markets capital istinctively
  • Intellectual capital fluorcently foster business
Film Making
Branding & Advertising
V R Games
Web & Software Development

What We Do

  • Corporate Films
  • Web Development
  • V R Games
  • Advertising & Branding

The corporate film “Storytelling” chooses the bias to talk about your brand through its image, its values, its DNA. This is a strong trend of corporate film. Our audiovisual production Team is armed to carry out these films: ideas, scenario, design, realization, writing, graphics, dressing, are the everyday of our team where director, cameraman, editor, motion designer coexist and exchange on a daily basis.

A Web Design should be easy to understand, intuitive, ergonomic, enjoyable and accessible on all screen sizes. Let’s do it together for your website!

A successful Web Design makes it easy to navigate and use your website, it also encourages the user to stay there.
We bring you all our experience in Web Design in UX design (user experience) and in UI Design (interface design) to create accessible and powerful websites. We can realize all types of Web Design, both for the creation of website and for a redesign.

For years, developers have strived to make immersive virtual worlds. Software, hardware and input devices have all leapt forward, but the connection between the player and the virtual world has remained limited. We’ve dreamed of stepping inside of our games, but the best we’ve been able to do is puppet characters through a tiny window. Technological progress in a variety of fields has finally brought immersive virtual reality within reach of gamers, Lets Start your world with or best VR team.

An award-winning creative powerhouse with a legacy of over 5 years, brings Mettle Thinking to life with dynamic executions across the full 360-landscape.

Specific Services Include:
360 brand experience
Shopper & Consumer Insights
Retail & experiential brand activation.
Ideation, concept development & innovation development
Brand & Visual identity design
NPD including 3D development expertise
End-to-end packaging development
Sustainable packaging consulting and development
Naming, TOV and messaging


Corporate Films | Ad Films | Social Media Advertising | Short Films | Feature Films | Documentaries.

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Check out our Indie Fundraising Platform - Indie Birds

Check out our Indie Fundraising Platform - Indie Birds

A Global fundraising Platform for Indie Artists & Non Profits.
Indie Birds
IndieBirds is the currently the only crowdfunding platform based in South India. Based in Hyderabad, IndieBirds brings artists all the perks of crowdfunding without the downsides. While many companies require compensation, IndieBirds offers services for free.


Our associations with film, technical, and art schools provide exclusive access to paid live coaching and in-house production of films, as well as film competitions, event ticketing, and Indie film blogs. With our free assisted coaching over phone, e-mail, and live chat to help you create a compelling campaign with even more compelling rewards that make it easy for backers to donate.


By offering reward assistance, providing more payment options than any other crowdfunding platform, and helping to keep your backers in the loop, IndieBirds makes rewards-based crowdfunding easier and more beneficial for artists and backers than anywhere else. Want to start your own project or start your own? See how it works here.

Start Your DreamProject Now atIndie Birds