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Seven Films To Watch Before You Turn 40

For some weird reason, people get a little nutty when they hit certain ages, and the unfortunate fallout from this nuttiness comes is that everyone around them has to deal with it as well. Perhaps the one thing some folks get the nuttiest about has to do with all of the things they haven’t accomplished, and this includes any films to watch before the age of 40.

It may seem a little odd to measure the worth of your life based on the movies you have, or rather have not, watched, but when you step back and think about it, movies tend to be one of the most important pop culture flashpoints of a generation. If you’ve not seen certain movies, it does feel as though you really missed out on something important, even if it’s as simple as being unable to talk with friends about it.

The truth is that movies are not just cultural moments in time; they’re supposed to be entertaining and a way to forget about the worries of the world for a bit. More importantly, there are some truly amazing masterful cinematic accomplishments that absolutely need to be seen and experienced. Even if someone decides that they’re going to make time for a good movie, there is really one major problem they’ll face – there are a lot of movies from which to choose.

Year after year, we’re hit with list after list of the greatest movies in various categories. There are also the various “greatest of all-time” lists that make movie buffs walk a little taller because they’ve seen so many & other feel as though they really missed the boat.

Have no fear! If you’re of a certain double-digit age where you’re running out of threes as the first number, here are a select group of movies you need to watch ASAP:

Citizen Kane – Considered the greatest movie of all-time, this movie has been the standard-bearer for all things cinematic for nearly eight decades & has influenced everyone in the industry. It’s a “must watch” movie.

Schindler’s List – Perhaps one of the most gripping dramas of the last twenty-five years, this story of the Holocaust is tough to watch, but you’ll hopefully have a better appreciation for the human spirit.

Pulp Fiction – Quentin Tarantino’s tour de force film that set Hollywood on fire, this movie is endlessly quotable, responsible for the resurgence of a number of actors’ careers, and set a standard for exciting movie-making.


Psycho – Perhaps the greatest horror movie of all-time. Hitchcock knew how to take audiences on a wild ride by messing with their heads.


Forrest Gump – Sometimes the most unassuming person can have a front-row to some of the most historically important world events throughout his entire life and be most affected by those closest to home. We’re all Forrest Gump.


Raging Bull – Arguably one of the greatest sports movies of all-time and certainly the finest representation of boxing on film then and now. It’s visually spell-binding.

2001: A Space Odyssey – Though there are many ways to interpret this gem from Stanley Kubrick, there’s no denying that it is arguably the best science-fiction movies ever made.


Choosing films to watch before you turn 40, or any age for that matter, tends to take the fun out of watching movies in the first place. Just remember that at any age, you can kick back & take in a good flick just because. Remember, you’re old enough that no one can tell you that you can’t!

Source by Morris Raymond

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